"The food urges are gone." -Patti

Helping Women  

End the Struggle with Food 

So They Can Lose the


Feel Better & Have More Confidence.

Yes Please!

Helping Women  

End the Struggle with Food 

So They Can Lose the


Feel Better & Have More Confidence.

 FREE 30 min coaching session: learn how to end your struggle with food and achieve and maintain your Ideal weight with ease

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Yes Please!


The desire to eat when we are not hungry is a feeling that we call an urge.

In this FREE Guide, you'll learn how to use brain science to stop food urges. 


Hi! I'm Kerrie Nygard, a Certified Life Coach and mother to 6 children. 

Growing up, I was the "big girl". I was the one teased about weight on the school bus and playground. I began dieting when I was 13. I would lose weight and gain it and lose it again. This cycle continued through high school and college years.

Once I began having children it continued in sync with pregnancies. I would gain when pregnant and then restrict to loose the “baby weight”. 

After my forth child was born I certified as a personal trainer and received certification in nutrition in an effort to solve my problem. I just wanted to be someone who didn’t have to work so hard to maintain a healthy weight. I wanted it to be easy, second nature. 


After my fifth child was born I restricted again and reached my heathy weight. I was “fit” physically but I was miserable mentally. I had so much food chatter drama in my head. I thought about food all-the-time. This is where I first learned about the power of coaching.

It is absolutely possible and easier than you may think to change your thoughts and feelings to become someone who naturally maintains their ideal weight without diets or restriction.

I know because I did it and I want the same for others. Which is why I created Freedom with Body and Food (FBF) the  program that shows women how to stop dieting, stop restricting, stop thinking so much about food and just reach their ideal weight for the last time and stay there!


The Program that shows you how to end the struggle with food. Be in control and reach your ideal weight permanently. 

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What can you expect from life coaching with Kerrie?

I've created Freedom with Body and Food (FBF) program for the everyday woman who has dieted over and over. She has lost weight before but never maintained it permanently. She is tired of the food struggle and just wants to feel in control with food. What makes this program different then other weight loss programs? It focuses on created the internal framework with your thoughts and emotions of someone who no longer struggles with food and weight. It is based off of brain and behavioral science. It is what I did to achieve ease with food and my body. IT WORKS! You deserve to be who you truly are, you are what you truly desire. To be free to live life without struggling with food and weight. 

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What My Clients Say

"Because of FBF food isn’t a top priority or taking up space in my mind.  I don’t constantly think about my next meal or get super excited about foods that used to excite me because I no longer see them as something to sneak or off limits." 

-Camille Kiester

"Through Kerrie's teachings in FBF, I have been relieved of a seemingly relentless burden and blessed instead with knowledge, understanding, compassion, love and divine truth!  I love it!"


 "Learning about my brain, the way I think and why I think it is helping me to overcome one of my biggest obstacles—myself. Now I know how to put my dreams and ideas into action without letting my fears and concerns halt my progress!"

- Crystal Zurlinger

 "Working with Kerrie has given me freedom around my thoughts. Freedom that I have always had but never realizedKerrie approaches each session in a way that is completely noninvasive. She is not there to tell me what to think, rather, she creates an environment that allows me to learn that I have freedom in my thoughts, freedom that I never knew I had. This has changed the way that I approach every circumstance. It has improved my relationships, and most of all it has improved the way I think about myself.

-Marjorie Brown

"Kerrie is very intuitive. She listens closely and has really helped me understand my thoughts relating to my feelings without judgment. I have come to understand and love myself better." 

-TJ Darling

"I can’t tell you how much she has helped me in just a short time! She has helped me understand that I can choose my thoughts and that my mistakes and my weaknesses don’t define me." 

-Terry Langston