The 'In Control with Food' Workshop 

May 13-15th

Live Daily @ 12pm PST
**Replays available for Registrants

'In Control with Food' Workshop

May 13-15th
Live Daily @ 12pm PST
**Replay Available For Registrants


During The 'In Control with Food' Workshop, You'll Learn:

Day 1 (Mon) May 13th:

The Foundation That All Diets Are Missing:  Once this is understood then you are able to find ease with food and your body.

Day 2 (Tues) May 14th:

How To Get Out Of The Restrict Then Binge Cycles,  Emotional Eating & End Cravings: 

Learn my 4 step process to decondition food urges and cravings.

Day 3 (Wed) May 15th:

How To Have An Ideal Day With Food Everyday: The flow of fueling the body with ease without all the mental food chatter in your head.

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Your Workshop Teacher, Kerrie Nygard

 I learned after dieting for over 20 years that the key to ending the struggle with body and food was not in any diet.

Once I discovered the concepts and skills I teach  I was finally able to find peace with my body, and genuinely be in control with food. I reached and maintain my ideal weight instead of losing and gaining on repeat.

It took me years and many resources invested but I figured out how to find my sanity and finally establish ease with food and my body that was second nature.

  • Creator of the Freedom with Body and Food Program
  • Founder of Brain Management 101, Life Coaching Practice
  • Certified Life Coach from The Life Coach School
  • Certified Nutrition Specialist from NASM
  • Certified NASM Personal Trainer
  • Graduate of the Beating Binge Eating program
  • Mother of Six Children

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